3 days in a row!

Okay- 3 days in a row of working out makes me extremely sore! I also had kickboxing on Monday but this week wasn’t much of a workout, just learning the reasoning behind some of the defense techniques. This week was kind of a trial period for me, trying to jump headfirst into the workout mentality. I know sometimes its not good to work really hard the first week because then you lose steam and don’t keep up with it, but in the past I have started off slow and ended even slower. So I’m trying something different and want to just get in the mindset. And I have sort of started off slowly. I have been doing kickboxing on Monday nights since the beginning of January, and I do yoga every so often. Anyways, I think this week has helped get me back into at least remembering the good feelings you get from working out- I have been on a natural high pretty much all week. It’s such a great feeling. Tomorrow I am going to do yoga in the morning, which I am thinking of as an experiment. My body is so sore and I feel like some hot yoga would help stretch my muscles a bit, but it could also make me more sore the next day- so we will see. Tonight and Sunday I will definitely rest! 

Yesterdays workout was kind of ridiculous if you ask me. Two things I never thought I could do/never wanted to do in front of other people: 1.) Thrusters, and 2.) Kipping pull ups. At home on my pull-up bar I can do 5 regular pull-ups (I cheat a little by getting a jumping start), but when people are around I get intimidated. And not only were these all the the workout comprised, but you had to increase your reps by 3 until you couldn’t do anymore. I never thought I would get past 3 for either of them, but I was allowed to cheat on the pull-ups since I’m new (thank God)! Also,doing this workout with others around wasn’t so bad because everyone is really encouraging and I’m sure they all know its a tough workout. I keep reminding myself- everyone has to start somewhere!

Here was the WOD for yesterday:

Open Workout 12.5
AMRAP 7 (As many reps as possible in 7 minutes)

3 Thrusters
3 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
6 Thrusters
6 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
9 Thrusters
9 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Continue to go as high in the ladder as possible in 7 minutes.

Rx: Thrusters 100/65
Level 2: 65/45, Regular Pull Ups
Level 1: 45/35, Band/Jumping Pull Ups

I used 10lbs of weight on each end of the barbell, and for the pull-ups I was allowed to jump up to chest level off of a bench. I was able to get up to 15 thrusters in a row and up to 9 pull-ups in a row. Total of all was 72.

This workout was super-hard for me, and seeing everyone complete it was crazy and amazing all at once. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to complete it doing the kipping pull-ups! Either way, I am proud to have made it through this week and when I went there last night I sat down and talked with the trainer about some goals. I realized my goal is so general: to be as fit and healthy as possible. Obviously everyone has a different definition of health and fitness, so there is a need for me to clarify this. I think that if I work out regularly that will lead to fitness, but the kind of workout makes a difference as well. For example, to some people being able to run long distances equates to fitness. For me, while I would be really proud to attain that, my goal for fitness is to be able to make working out using a similar style to CrossFit workouts a regular part of my life. I’m sure I won’t do CrossFit forever, but I do think that it will give me the tools to workout on my own again in the future without giving up after 3 months. 

From now on I will be paying monthly, I decided to start with 3x a week for a month and see how it goes. I also want to incorporate yoga into my fitness goals because I feel that its really important for my muscles as well as my mind, but that seems really busy to me trying to fit all of it in! The kickboxing on Mondays is something I am considering giving up because its far away from home and its an extra thing to pay for. However, Caleb and I do this together and I really enjoy being active with him and I think its been really beneficial for the both of us. I also enjoy learning how to defend myself and having my cousin as the teacher is also nice because I get family time as well. So its a difficult choice. I’m going to keep at it for another month and see how it goes. So it seems that my schedule will be:

Monday- Kickboxing (7:30-8:15); Tuesday- Crossfit (5:30-6:30); Wednesday-Yoga (6-7:15); Thursday- CrossFit (5:30-6:30); Friday- rest; Saturday-CrossFit (9:30-10:30).

This seems like  a LOT to me, so I hope I don’t get overwhelmed because I do like to spend time with friends after work occasionally. Who knows, this will probably actually help me SAVE money cause I won’t be able to do that all the time and spend at least $30 each time I go out.

Maybe I should call it a trial month! 



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