Friday the 13th

I think I’m going to start each post with a quote from here on out, so here is today’s:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

I didn’t work out yesterday, nor did I post the workout that I did on Wednesday night. So… here I am! Wednesday I went to Crossfit thinking that the WOD was going to be fairly straightforward and easy for me. Here’s what it was:

3 Rounds for time

500 M Row
12 Deadlifts
21 Box Jumps

Rx: Deadlifts: Bodyweight, Box Jumps 20″/20″
Level 2: 135/95 or 3/4 bodyweight, Box Jumps 20″/20″
Level 1: 95/65 or 1/2 body weight, Box Jumps 16″16″

I thought I was an o.k. box jumper so I figured that was easy enough. Rowing always seemed pretty easy for me. So I thought the deadlift might be a challenge since I hadn’t done it at a CrossFit gym. Well, put the three of these together and try and do them as fast as you can and its pretty challenging. I actually think I was the last person to finish with a time of 12:36. The deadlift weight I used was 65lbs.

I’m not upset about this because I know that I can absolutely improve this time. When I signed up for CrossFit I decided to try going 3 times a week, thinking it would motivate me and I would see results faster, but I’m finding that it’s exhausting for me. Here is my schedule I try to follow:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Kickboxing

Tuesday: CrossFit

Wednesday: CrossFit

Thursday: Rest

Friday: CrossFit/light workout

Saturday: Yoga

I was going to try and go tonight since I’m leaving work early due to the long weekend (Marathon Monday- yay!), but the WOD is not very appealing to me and I am not motivated to do it. Instead of giving us a workout, we are supposed to do a goal oriented workout where do a workout that we want to get better at. For me that would probably be the kipping pullups since I don’t even think I can do one. I guess that’s frustrating in itself, how am I going to do more than one? I know, that’s a silly way to think of it, you can never get better unless you try.

But anyways, its Friday and I don’t want to go. I was feeling crappy yesterday and I am looking forward to yoga tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go for a walk tonight.

Happy Weekend!


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