Reward yourself!

I got an idea from someone’s pin on Pinterest that made me realize that it’s really important to reward yourself for accomplishing your goals. The idea is to put a dollar in a jar for every day that you work out with the idea that you will  use that money to reward yourself with something. Well, I don’t have a lot of dollars hanging around- and I figured Caleb gets at least some benefit out of me working out so maybe he should give me $2 for every time that I workout, with my weekly goal being 4x a week (had to increase to $2 in these economic times). On the flip side, if I don’t workout one of those 4 days, I give him $2… and as an incentive to get his butt moving I will pay him $2 for every day that he works out. Believe me, I am not losing out on this. Sounds confusing, but its just a simple way to get some dollars in the jar. Even if we both workout, we are both rewarding ourselves at least by throwing some money in each other’s jars. I like it because I know that if I keep working out and get enough money I’m going to buy myself some of those awesome Reebok sneakers everyone is wearing. I tried some on at DSW a while back and I couldn’t stop thinking about them, they are soooo comfortable and now if I keep working out I can get them for future workouts. The jar idea made me realize though how important it is to reward yourself when you are working towards a goal, the same way you would get mad at yourself for falling off the wagon for a day. Let’s get some equal treatment! I am graduating with a Master’s this Thursday and honestly, I could care less right now. So silly. I struggled to get to this point and worked hard in school, and made sure to always beat myself down for not doing something right or for not being able to focus, but now that I made it and am finally graduating my attitude is kind of “meh”. I need to turn that around and reward myself for accomplishing this after 4 years of work and school- and I barely paid a dime for it!


Yesterday’s WOD was:

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

“Ring Ding”
7 Rounds for time

7 Hang Power Snatches
7 Burpees

Rx: 95/65
Level 2: 65/45
Level 1: 45/35


For the press I did 45lbs. For the power snatches I did 35lbs and finished in 8:36.


Rest 5 Minutes

800 M Run Time Trial


My run time was 3:49.


Sometimes I get done a workout that I feel was so hard to do, but after a few minutes of rest go by, I feel like maybe I didn’t work as hard as I could have. Maybe I’m delusional. But I’m going to try and remember this when I’m in the middle of my next workout, that I should workout as hard as I can because it will be over in a few minutes and I will get to rest. I want to work as hard as I can!



Appreciating the little things

It’s been a while since I posted, I lost track of the importance of it, which for me is to keep track of my times/weights of my workouts so that I can actually see myself improving- all in an effort to keep motivated. So, I lost some of the workouts! I do want to note a workout last week where we worked on our goal moves, or the moves that we might be scared of doing. For me I instantly knew that would be the hand stand push ups, and pull ups. After talking with the coach, we came up with a workout that was:


2 HSPU’s

8 Double Unders

5 PU’s (using the stretchier band than usual)

I was scared to go to the gym this day because I didn’t really know what I was going to do. This turned out to be my favorite day yet. I think I was able to do 6 rounds and then some, but can’t quite remember. All I know is that this workout made me feel SO much better about myself and I definitely improved on my double unders/pull ups. I also figured out that I can do a HSPU, and its not as insane as it looks. I felt like I conquered some important things that day. Reminds me  of the quote: “do one thing every day that scares you“, one of my favorites. Its just nice to conquer things that you weren’t quite sure you could do. I used this philosophy a lot in college when it came to meeting people, I would go out of my way to socialize and meet new people even though it was pretty scary- but sometimes that’s how you make the best of friends. To me, going to CrossFit kind of scares me each time because I feel like I won’t be able to do the workout right. This keeps me eager to go because I want to at least try it… my mind works in mysterious ways.

Yesterdays WOD was:

Kipping Pull Ups

“Hang Time”
For Time

100 Double Unders
3 Rounds

20 Chest to bar Pull Ups
400 M Run

Rx: As Is
Level 2: 50 Double Unders, Regular Pull Ups
Level 1: 25 Double Under Attempts, Jumping or 10 Band Strict Pull Ups

I did the 25 DU’s and 10 band pull ups. My time was 14:19, I thought I would be a little faster but I had a hard time yesterday- I hadn’t been in 4 or 5 days and I had a tough time with the pull ups. And the running for that matter.

Random thought: Yesterday Caleb and I were eating dinner and I asked him what the most fulfilling part of his day was, his answer was playing with our neighbor’s dogs. Mine was feeling the rain on my face as I left the gym all sweaty, it felt sooo good. If this isn’t on the blog 1000 awesome things then it should be. Because it’s pretty awesome. Sometimes you have to take a minute to appreciate the little things in life….

Dreary Thursday

Quote of the day:

“work on your weaknesses until the are strengths, and work on your strengths until they are second nature.”

Today is quite gray and chilly outside here in Boston. And my third time to go to CrossFit for the week, I feel like the third day might be the hardest (I feel like I say that about EVERY workout day), because you feel good about the other days you went and you’re also sore and exhausted. BUT I’M NOT GOING TO LET THAT GET TO ME!

It always does at some point or another, which is why I’m going to anticipate it every time and convince myself to go. I’ll put my workout clothes on right away when I get home. I am always so happy when I get back from the gym, and I think it’s important to recognize the fulfillment that you feel after a good workout. I read a great article today on Nerd Fitness that noted how we relate sitting on the couch with feeling good, when really all it does is make you stationary, but we relate working out with struggle and feeling bad- when really its one of the best ways to feel good! Interesting perspective, because I know that I have done that in the past, and still do it, but I’m definitely trying to break that habit. I have found that the seat right at the corner of my couch with the ottoman attached is the most magnetic place my body has ever found- and I have the hardest time getting up from it once I get there, even if I have to use the bathroom. So sad! But it doesn’t have to be that way! You really can put your mind to anything. This year for Christmas one of the gifts Caleb got for me was a book called Buddha’s Brain, by Rick Hanson. It brushes over the psychology of the brain and relates it to achieving happiness. I’ve only gotten through half of it so far, but it’s such a new concept to me that you can change the way you think by training your brain to associate with things in a different way. For example, smiling even when you don’t feel happy can help ease certain feelings and can actually MAKE you happier. Easier said than done, but there are so many simple things we can practice on a daily basis that can change the way we think, and in many ways this can help with gaining the motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle and workout. With this book in the back of my head, I have been trying to associate working out with all of the good things that it brings up instead of the pain that it takes to get me there. I do the same thing with food. I thought I would have a hard time giving up certain foods (which from time to time, I do struggle), but if I look at something like say a slice of pizza- I try to recollect all of the times when I would eat pizza and feel bloated immediately after for hours on end. I HATE THAT FEELING! So I associate pizza with bloating, and it helps me to stay away from it. This can be a bit more tricky with something like alcohol, which can bring almost instantaneous relaxation for me, but too much of it can give me a headache in the morning (almost every time). The good with the bad.

Anyhow- the workout yesterday was actually pretty easy:

3 – 3 – 3

For Time

Handstand Push Up

Rx: 225/155
Level 2: 135/95, AbMat Handstand Push Ups
Level 1: 95/65, AbMat Handstand Push Ups

I deadlifted 65lbs and did regular pushups until the middle of the 2nd round, where I did the modified pushup and lowered my knees to the floor. I finished in 4:38 and did a 400m run after. I did attempt to do a handstand against the wall and I actually was able to get up, but I didn’t try to push down at all. I kind of wish I did, I am curious but I guess its probably more important to build up my strength first and maybe I’ll try one the next time around.

I’m going to go again today!

Still hanging in there…

I was on a work trip M-F last week and have been worried that I would fall back into my old routine of NOT working out! It’s really hard to maintain your momentum when you go away. For that reason, I tried to anticipate the downfalls that could occur while I was away. These include: eating large quantities of rich foods; and not being motivated to stick to a workout routine. I am happy to say that although we went out to eat for practically every meal I think I was pretty darn good at not overeating and not eating horrible foods. With the exception of the last night there when I ate an entire plate of beef ribs in St. Louis… I have a thing about wasting meat, since after all, it was a living being at one point. To anticipate the lack of motivation to workout, I had my ipod touch handy and remembered seeing a body weight workout on the Nerd Fitness website that I could easily do in the morning before work in my room. I think it probably took me about 15 minutes, and wasn’t incredibly challenging, but anything to get my heart rate up first thing in the morning is better than nothing. Another workout I did was the 20 minute hotel room workout, also from Nerd Fitness. So I worked out twice last week, and then I went to yoga on Saturday. Not too shabby.

I thought going to CrossFit would be really hard on Monday, I was kind of dragging and didn’t want to go but I WENT! And was so happy I did. The workout was:

“Top Shelf”
For Time

400 M Run
30 Wall Balls
400 M Run
15 Muscle Ups
400 M Run
30 Wall Balls
400 M Run

Rx: Wall Balls 20/14
Level 2: 16/12, 20 Modified Muscle Ups
Level 1: 14/10,30 Pull Ups AND 30 Dips

I did the level 1, using a 10lb wall ball and I did the 30 pull-ups using a band. I think my time was 17:39. I still had a hard time, but I found that it was easier than the last time I did these exercises- which made me feel pretty darn good. I’ve been getting frustrated with myself cause I don’t see results and my pants actually feel like they are getting TIGHTER, so I’ve gotten a bit down on myself. I get that way sometimes, but then other times I realize that I should be proud of myself for actually working out and trying to live a better lifestyle. So feeling things get a little bit easier is re-assuring and makes me realize that I AM improving.

Yesterday I meant to go to CrossFit but Caleb had the car and it was raining (hence I didn’t want to ride my bike), and at first I felt bad not making a bigger effort, but then I took matters into my own hands and did a cardio strength workout at home, which I found on Pinterest. It was actually a good workout and I think it took me 17 minutes to complete. I was sweating by the end of it, and I don’t tend to sweat easily. So yay me! I’m proud of myself for doing something and not just letting it fall by the wayside since I didn’t have a car. I also cooked myself a delicious and healthy dinner that consisted of baked fiesta lime chicken and sautéed summer squash and zucchini. I had a few bites of the S.O. soy and dairy free Chocolate ice cream (made with coconut milk and soooo delicious) and I didn’t have a drink. I think that’s one of my major downfalls is that I enjoy having a drink or two almost every night lately, and sometimes its hard to kick that, especially in the summer.

Last night after my workout I also got an hour massage from Caleb (did I mention he’s a massage therapist). It was awesome and a great way to end the day!