Still hanging in there…

I was on a work trip M-F last week and have been worried that I would fall back into my old routine of NOT working out! It’s really hard to maintain your momentum when you go away. For that reason, I tried to anticipate the downfalls that could occur while I was away. These include: eating large quantities of rich foods; and not being motivated to stick to a workout routine. I am happy to say that although we went out to eat for practically every meal I think I was pretty darn good at not overeating and not eating horrible foods. With the exception of the last night there when I ate an entire plate of beef ribs in St. Louis… I have a thing about wasting meat, since after all, it was a living being at one point. To anticipate the lack of motivation to workout, I had my ipod touch handy and remembered seeing a body weight workout on the Nerd Fitness website that I could easily do in the morning before work in my room. I think it probably took me about 15 minutes, and wasn’t incredibly challenging, but anything to get my heart rate up first thing in the morning is better than nothing. Another workout I did was the 20 minute hotel room workout, also from Nerd Fitness. So I worked out twice last week, and then I went to yoga on Saturday. Not too shabby.

I thought going to CrossFit would be really hard on Monday, I was kind of dragging and didn’t want to go but I WENT! And was so happy I did. The workout was:

“Top Shelf”
For Time

400 M Run
30 Wall Balls
400 M Run
15 Muscle Ups
400 M Run
30 Wall Balls
400 M Run

Rx: Wall Balls 20/14
Level 2: 16/12, 20 Modified Muscle Ups
Level 1: 14/10,30 Pull Ups AND 30 Dips

I did the level 1, using a 10lb wall ball and I did the 30 pull-ups using a band. I think my time was 17:39. I still had a hard time, but I found that it was easier than the last time I did these exercises- which made me feel pretty darn good. I’ve been getting frustrated with myself cause I don’t see results and my pants actually feel like they are getting TIGHTER, so I’ve gotten a bit down on myself. I get that way sometimes, but then other times I realize that I should be proud of myself for actually working out and trying to live a better lifestyle. So feeling things get a little bit easier is re-assuring and makes me realize that I AM improving.

Yesterday I meant to go to CrossFit but Caleb had the car and it was raining (hence I didn’t want to ride my bike), and at first I felt bad not making a bigger effort, but then I took matters into my own hands and did a cardio strength workout at home, which I found on Pinterest. It was actually a good workout and I think it took me 17 minutes to complete. I was sweating by the end of it, and I don’t tend to sweat easily. So yay me! I’m proud of myself for doing something and not just letting it fall by the wayside since I didn’t have a car. I also cooked myself a delicious and healthy dinner that consisted of baked fiesta lime chicken and sautéed summer squash and zucchini. I had a few bites of the S.O. soy and dairy free Chocolate ice cream (made with coconut milk and soooo delicious) and I didn’t have a drink. I think that’s one of my major downfalls is that I enjoy having a drink or two almost every night lately, and sometimes its hard to kick that, especially in the summer.

Last night after my workout I also got an hour massage from Caleb (did I mention he’s a massage therapist). It was awesome and a great way to end the day!



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