Dreary Thursday

Quote of the day:

“work on your weaknesses until the are strengths, and work on your strengths until they are second nature.”

Today is quite gray and chilly outside here in Boston. And my third time to go to CrossFit for the week, I feel like the third day might be the hardest (I feel like I say that about EVERY workout day), because you feel good about the other days you went and you’re also sore and exhausted. BUT I’M NOT GOING TO LET THAT GET TO ME!

It always does at some point or another, which is why I’m going to anticipate it every time and convince myself to go. I’ll put my workout clothes on right away when I get home. I am always so happy when I get back from the gym, and I think it’s important to recognize the fulfillment that you feel after a good workout. I read a great article today on Nerd Fitness that noted how we relate sitting on the couch with feeling good, when really all it does is make you stationary, but we relate working out with struggle and feeling bad- when really its one of the best ways to feel good! Interesting perspective, because I know that I have done that in the past, and still do it, but I’m definitely trying to break that habit. I have found that the seat right at the corner of my couch with the ottoman attached is the most magnetic place my body has ever found- and I have the hardest time getting up from it once I get there, even if I have to use the bathroom. So sad! But it doesn’t have to be that way! You really can put your mind to anything. This year for Christmas one of the gifts Caleb got for me was a book called Buddha’s Brain, by Rick Hanson. It brushes over the psychology of the brain and relates it to achieving happiness. I’ve only gotten through half of it so far, but it’s such a new concept to me that you can change the way you think by training your brain to associate with things in a different way. For example, smiling even when you don’t feel happy can help ease certain feelings and can actually MAKE you happier. Easier said than done, but there are so many simple things we can practice on a daily basis that can change the way we think, and in many ways this can help with gaining the motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle and workout. With this book in the back of my head, I have been trying to associate working out with all of the good things that it brings up instead of the pain that it takes to get me there. I do the same thing with food. I thought I would have a hard time giving up certain foods (which from time to time, I do struggle), but if I look at something like say a slice of pizza- I try to recollect all of the times when I would eat pizza and feel bloated immediately after for hours on end. I HATE THAT FEELING! So I associate pizza with bloating, and it helps me to stay away from it. This can be a bit more tricky with something like alcohol, which can bring almost instantaneous relaxation for me, but too much of it can give me a headache in the morning (almost every time). The good with the bad.

Anyhow- the workout yesterday was actually pretty easy:

3 – 3 – 3

For Time

Handstand Push Up

Rx: 225/155
Level 2: 135/95, AbMat Handstand Push Ups
Level 1: 95/65, AbMat Handstand Push Ups

I deadlifted 65lbs and did regular pushups until the middle of the 2nd round, where I did the modified pushup and lowered my knees to the floor. I finished in 4:38 and did a 400m run after. I did attempt to do a handstand against the wall and I actually was able to get up, but I didn’t try to push down at all. I kind of wish I did, I am curious but I guess its probably more important to build up my strength first and maybe I’ll try one the next time around.

I’m going to go again today!


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