A remeberence, a graduation…and on to the next step!

My blogging has been slacking, but it’s been a busy week or so and I’m just going to use that as my excuse. Last Monday Caleb’s grandfather passed away from pneumonia after being in a nursing home for a couple years. In my opinion life in that nursing home was so depressing that I know he is at peace now. He was such a sweet, sweet man. Caleb warned me when I first met his Dad’s side of the family that they might not be huggers and keep to themselves quite a bit. So I went into his grandfather’s house for the first time with this mentality and came out pleasantly surprised. His grandfather showed me love and appreciation from day one and gave me a HUGE hug and a kiss on the cheek when we were leaving from that visit. I think it was that night that Caleb was sure of us, I could see by the look on his face when we were getting into the car after visiting with his grandfather that he was enamored by me and how I made his grandpa smile. That memory sticks out in my head. Ever since then, I have been so warmed by the smile on his grandpa’s face whenever we would visit with him and talk about his amazing life working on the Old Man of the Mountain,  being in the war, or working on ski trails for Cannon and Loon Mountains in New Hampshire. I feel so blessed to have known him for the past 3 and a half years, so I just wanted to take a moment to remember his amazing-ness. In case you have no idea what the “Old Man of the Mountain” is, it is a rock formation on Cannon Mountain that was found by Native American’s (I think) and resembles the profile of an old man’s face, it is the symbol of New Hampshire and it was held up for a long time by steel bars, but eventually it fell down in May 2003. Here is a photo taken by Caleb’s grandfather from the 1970’s (he was also an excellent photographer):

I used to drive by this as a little kid and my entire family could always see him and I could never ever make out the profile, but I would say I saw him. One day I told them I really could never see so we stopped at the viewing station off the highway and they wouldn’t leave until I could make out the profile of his face. It made me feel so much better to drive by there and actually be able to see him finally! And driving through Franconia Notch takes my breath away every time. There is just something so serene and beautiful about it.

Anyways, I digress, we had a great service for him on Saturday of last week and his ashes were spread on Cannon Mountain on Sunday. It was really beautiful.

On Thursday I graduated from Harvard Extension School with my Masters of Liberal Arts in Biotechnology, with a concentration in the LIfe Sciences… Whew! A mouthful. My parents came down to see me graduate and celebrate. It was emotional for me, my mom gave me a pandora bracelet and my DAD gave me a card with some cash. I added some caps to my DAD because he is not someone who celebrates birthdays or holidays (except for Thanksgiving) because he doesn’t believe in giving gifts and only celebrating someone once a year, and he also doesn’t like lying to kids about Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny. In short, I’m not sure if I have ever gotten a card from him in my life. And he wrote a nice note in it that made me cry. It was so special I want to write him a note to let him know how much I appreciated it. I was just talking with a friend of mine about how the gifts you get from someone that doesn’t give them a lot are so memorable. She could remember everything her dad ever got her but not what her mom got her, because she always got things from her mom. I know quite a few people who consider this to be the sign of a dad who doesn’t care enough, but honestly, I think I have learned to appreciate him even more because he has shown me the things that really matter in life and I admire him for that. Not that my mom did anything wrong getting me gifts my whole life, I appreciate her in a whole different light… but I value the lessons taught by my dad and treasure the times when he has done things for me. It was a great day all in all, and I felt a lot of love and was so incredibly appreciative that they drove 2 hours down to see me graduate (which was hectic in itself), took Caleb and I to dinner, and then drove 2 hours back home. Once again: its the little things in life…

And on to the next step… whatever that may be! Caleb and I want to move to California by next January provided one of us has a job lined up. This has been a long time goal of ours and now that its six months away, its scaring the be-jesus out of me. I don’t know how I am going to leave my family. And I’m pretty sure his mom is never going to forgive us! I’m going to save this rant for a whole other post, cause I can go on for a while about the reasons I want to move there and the reasons I’m so scared to. So I’ll wait!

I have for the most part been keeping up with my workouts, although last week I was only able to do CrossFit twice, so it was kind of a slacker week. I didn’t do anything for exercise from Thursday through Monday, and I certainly wasn’t eating all paleo! I can’t remember my time for Tuesdays WOD, so I won’t even post it. Here was Wednesdays:

Single Leg Stength/Skill
-The Dot Drill
-One Leg Deadlifts
-Clam Diggers

“Cliff Hanger”
3 Rounds
21 Wall Balls
21 Toes to Bar
200 M Double KB Farmers Carry
30 Burpee Over The Box Jumps (BOB)

Rx: Wall Balls 20/14, Farmers Carry 70/53, BOB 24″/20″
Level 2: 16/12, Knee to Elbows, 53/35, 20/12″
Level 1: 14/10, Knee Raises, 53/35, 20″12″

I finished in 14:31 using 30lb kettlebells (or maybe 25). The wall balls were using a 10lb ball and the toes to bar were actually just an attempt to get knees to elbows for me, so I’d guess you would call them knee raises. They were tricky but its better to try and build up the muscle and someday I’ll get there. My shoulders were, and still are, incredibly sore from doing the farmers carry. This was a tough workout.

Yesterdays WOD was:

S.O.I.S. Benchmark
3 Rounds For Total Reps

1 Minute Deadlifts at Body weight
1 Minute Burpee Bar Jumps
1 Minute Row for Calories
1 Minute Handstand Push Ups
Rest 1 Minute

I did 95lb deadlifts (not my bodyweight), and used 2 abmats to go under my head during the handstand push ups (makes it so you don’t have to go down as far). My total reps were 152. I had the hardest time with the hand stand push ups. If you don’t kick up to the wall perfectly sometimes you don’t have good positioning to do the pushup, and it can get tough. Did I mention I hate burpees?

I am sore today.


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