Getting back into it…

Well Summer seems to be flying by! It’s already the end of June and I see a very busy summer ahead. Caleb and I just got back from visiting my brother and his family in Delaware and found it hard to keep up my eating habits/workouts while I was there. It’s tough to stay on course when you are under someone else’s roof for a week, but I anticipated this and made sure to let him know I would be happy to make salads and go grocery shopping/make some dinner while we were there.  I also kept in my mind that although I wouldn’t be eating paleo, I could still practice the Weight Watchers mentality and try not to overindulge. Caleb and I went for a nice run the 2nd or 3rd day there, but that was it- still better than nothing! I worked out the day after I got back and then did yoga this passed Saturday.

Yesterday’s WOD was:

‘The Chief’

3 Power Cleans
6 Push Ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 Minute
Repeat for a total of  5 Rounds

Rx: Power Clean 135/95
Level 2: 95/65
Level 1: 65/45, Assisted Push Up

I did 50lb power cleans and halfway through the workout (maybe on the 3rd round) I switched to assisted push ups (they can get really tough once you’ve done a bunch of them). I was able to finish with 4 reps in each round for a total of 20 reps.

Looks like its going to rain today when I want to go to CrossFit and I only have a bike, so we will see if I actually make it there- it sucks sharing a car!


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