Tough day

Yesterday’s WOD had me frustrated:

Clean and Jerk
3 x 1 @ 70%, 1 x 1 @ 75%, 1 x 1 @ 80%, 3 x 1 @ 85%, 2 x 1 @ 80%, 2 x 1 @ 75%

Percentages based off of 1 Rep Max.

“Unbroken #1″
3 Rounds for Reps

Unbroken Kettlebell Swings
-30 Second Rest-
Unbroken Double Unders
-30 Second Rest-
Unbroken Handstand Push Ups
-30 Second Rest-

Rx: Kettlebell Swings: 70/53
Level 2: 53/35, <2 AbMat HSPU
Level 1: 35/25, 30 Second Handstand Hold

For the clean and jerk, I tried to work more on my form because I apparently am not lifting with my legs, which is not something I was aware of. Ugh. I thought I was doing it correctly. Anyways, so instead of doing the first part with taking weights on and off, I practiced first with no weight, then I did 35lbs, then I increased to 55lbs, and then finally to 65lbs. I tried to mostly practice my form, so I didn’t even have time to do the actual reps.

For the “unbroken” I used 35lb kettlebells, and 2 abmats for the HSPU’s. For the DU’s I just counted how many I could do in 30 seconds, which was usually about 7. I finished with a total of 118 reps in 10 mins 26 seconds.




Yesterdays WOD was:

3 Position Deadlift
Use 60% of 1 RM

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Position 1: From Floor to Below Knee
Position 2: From Floor to Above Knee
Position 3: From Floor to Full Extension


Toes to Bar
Ring Push Ups

I did 115lb deadlifts- an extreme increase from last time, which I think was 95 or something… That made me happy. For the workout I did an attempt at toes to bar, but it was more knees to elbows for me. And the rings were all taken so I did regular push-ups until I got halfway through the 1st “12” and then I switched to assisted. I had a hard time with those. Push ups are something I always felt I was good at, but once I really started trying to perfect my form, I realized I wasn’t able to do many at all… Ha! And I had my first protein shake, it was delicious and tasted like chocolate milk, which is essentially what it was.


Working out makes you feel better!

The WOD yesterday was:

Handstand Push Ups
Kipping Handstand Push Ups

3 Rounds for time

5 Hang Power Cleans
200 M Run
5 Hang Squat Cleans

Rest 90 seconds between rounds.

Rx: 155/105
L3: 135/95
L2: 95/65
L1: 65/45

I used 65lb weights for the cleans which was a step up from the 50lbs that I did last time. I think I’m getting stronger, clearly. Also, the coach commented on my good form for the handstand push ups which is exciting! Those build up my confidence cause they look like they are really hard and they sound cool…



Last Thursday’s workout was:

Back Squat

3 Rep Max

Close Grip Bench Press
3 Rep Max

Prowler Push
3 Rounds
100 Foot Prowler Push
7 Burpee Bar Hops

90 second rest between sets

For the back squat I did 110lbs, I think I should have gone for 115. For the bench press I think I did 70lbs. I am not sure what the prowler push was since we were all doing basically the same weight. There were 2 thick weights, I think they were 50lbs each. A tiring workout.

Saturday’s workout was:

3 Rounds for time

200 M Run
6 Handtand Push Ups
18 Overhead Lunges
32 Kettlebell Swings

Rx: Deficit Handstand Push Ups with hands on 45# Plates, Overhead Lunge 45/35, KBS 53/35
Level 2: Regular Handstand Push Ups, 45/35, 35/25
Level 1; AbMat HSPU, 35/25, 25/18

For the HSPU’s I used 2 abmats, for overhead lunches I used a 25lb weight, for kettlebell swings I used 18lbs. I could have used 25lbs for the kettlebells but I wasn’t feeling great and was scared about doing 32 of them, so I opted for the lower weight. The overhead lunges SUCK. Not a fan of those, I can’t keep my arms locked out after a while.

That is all for now!

Lightning in the sky…

Yesterday’s original workout was impossible due to the crazy lightning that we had in Massachusetts yesterday. Lightning actually struck inside the building in the middle of where everyone was standing, I have NEVER seen anything like it. It was crazy. And scary. The workout was the “Gambit” which included pull ups, toes to bar, and running. Needless to say nobody wanted to touch the bars after that, and running outside was a little nuts so we did the following workout:

DU’s, Abmat situps, Rowing, for time.




Instead of the 50 DU’s I started out with 25 DU attempts and decreased by 5 each time.  I finished in a time of 18:02. I notice I have a lot of trouble with Rowing, I didn’t realize this until we did a workout last week where everyone started on the rowers and I was one of the last ones to finish rowing. I also have some coordination trouble with my DU’s. Some days I am really on point and other days I am so clumsy and end up stepping on the rope.

Anyways, that’s pretty much it for now. The coach at CrossFit stressed how important it is to record our stats for the WOD’s, and I realized I have been really bad about that lately. Summer is a busy, busy time!


Last Friday was the last day for the 30 day nutrition challenge that many people took part in at the CrossFit I go to. I did not officially take part but I was interested to see how I improved in the workout. At the beginning of the challenge there was a benchmark workout that we completed, which I did in 152 rounds with a 95lb deadlift. 

Last Friday, I used the same weights and finished with 167 rounds on a 90 + degree afternoon! So that was really exciting to me, especially since I felt out of it only working out 2 times the week before. I was happy to see such a great improvement and it made me feel like I’ve accomplished something. It was a little victory that I was able to appreciate on my own.