Lightning in the sky…

Yesterday’s original workout was impossible due to the crazy lightning that we had in Massachusetts yesterday. Lightning actually struck inside the building in the middle of where everyone was standing, I have NEVER seen anything like it. It was crazy. And scary. The workout was the “Gambit” which included pull ups, toes to bar, and running. Needless to say nobody wanted to touch the bars after that, and running outside was a little nuts so we did the following workout:

DU’s, Abmat situps, Rowing, for time.




Instead of the 50 DU’s I started out with 25 DU attempts and decreased by 5 each time.  I finished in a time of 18:02. I notice I have a lot of trouble with Rowing, I didn’t realize this until we did a workout last week where everyone started on the rowers and I was one of the last ones to finish rowing. I also have some coordination trouble with my DU’s. Some days I am really on point and other days I am so clumsy and end up stepping on the rope.

Anyways, that’s pretty much it for now. The coach at CrossFit stressed how important it is to record our stats for the WOD’s, and I realized I have been really bad about that lately. Summer is a busy, busy time!


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