Last Thursday’s workout was:

Back Squat

3 Rep Max

Close Grip Bench Press
3 Rep Max

Prowler Push
3 Rounds
100 Foot Prowler Push
7 Burpee Bar Hops

90 second rest between sets

For the back squat I did 110lbs, I think I should have gone for 115. For the bench press I think I did 70lbs. I am not sure what the prowler push was since we were all doing basically the same weight. There were 2 thick weights, I think they were 50lbs each. A tiring workout.

Saturday’s workout was:

3 Rounds for time

200 M Run
6 Handtand Push Ups
18 Overhead Lunges
32 Kettlebell Swings

Rx: Deficit Handstand Push Ups with hands on 45# Plates, Overhead Lunge 45/35, KBS 53/35
Level 2: Regular Handstand Push Ups, 45/35, 35/25
Level 1; AbMat HSPU, 35/25, 25/18

For the HSPU’s I used 2 abmats, for overhead lunches I used a 25lb weight, for kettlebell swings I used 18lbs. I could have used 25lbs for the kettlebells but I wasn’t feeling great and was scared about doing 32 of them, so I opted for the lower weight. The overhead lunges SUCK. Not a fan of those, I can’t keep my arms locked out after a while.

That is all for now!


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