Yesterdays WOD was:

3 Position Deadlift
Use 60% of 1 RM

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Position 1: From Floor to Below Knee
Position 2: From Floor to Above Knee
Position 3: From Floor to Full Extension


Toes to Bar
Ring Push Ups

I did 115lb deadlifts- an extreme increase from last time, which I think was 95 or something… That made me happy. For the workout I did an attempt at toes to bar, but it was more knees to elbows for me. And the rings were all taken so I did regular push-ups until I got halfway through the 1st “12” and then I switched to assisted. I had a hard time with those. Push ups are something I always felt I was good at, but once I really started trying to perfect my form, I realized I wasn’t able to do many at all… Ha! And I had my first protein shake, it was delicious and tasted like chocolate milk, which is essentially what it was.



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