About Me

Caleb and I in October 2008

I’m 27, grew up somewhat sheltered in a small town in New Hampshire. I have been living in the Boston area for 5 years now and have been amazed at all of the possibilities that I have at my fingertips. Being a young adult and living where I live has empowered me to always try different things and to never feel that anything I want to do is out of my reach. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had and continue to have and want to strive to find something I am really passionate about. I have always wanted to be fit and healthy, but have always had things in the back of my mind that take priority such as school and getting a good job. Since I am completely done with school and will have a Master’s degree (yay!) in May, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and was wondering what I should conquer next. Finally it came to me that now is the time to conquer myself! My ultimate goal from here on out is to become as fit and healthy as I can be. I have read a few diet and fitness blogs that are kept up after the fact, but in an attempt to motivate myself I would like to track my progress of becoming the person I want to be. I hope you all enjoy and find your own motivation by reading my blog!


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