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I'm 27, grew up somewhat sheltered in a small town in New Hampshire. I have been living in the Boston area for 5 years now and have been amazed at all of the possibilities that I have at my fingertips. Being a young adult and living where I live has empowered me to always try different things and to never feel that anything I want to do is out of my reach. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I've had and continue to have and want to strive to find something I am really passionate about. I have always wanted to be fit and healthy, but have always had things in the back of my mind that take priority such as school and getting a good job. Since I am completely done with school and will have a Master's degree (yay!) in May, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and was wondering what I should conquer next. Finally it came to me that now is the time to conquer myself! My ultimate goal from here on out is to become as fit and healthy as I can be. I have read a few diet and fitness blogs that are kept up after the fact, but in an attempt to motivate myself I would like to track my progress of becoming the person I want to be. I hope you all enjoy and find your own motivation by reading my blog!

Tuesday am

5 Sets @ 80% of 1 RM Clean

1 Power clean
1 Hang Power Clean

“Ladder Drill”
In 7 Minutes go as high as possible following the same scheme

1 Power CLean @ 60% of 1 RM
1 Handstand Push UP
2 Power Cleans
2 Handstand Push Ups
3 Power Cleans
3 Handstand Push Ups…
N Power Cleans
N Handstand Push Ups

I used 75lbs for the initial part of the workout and 70lbs for the 2nd part. I made it 7.5 rounds I think…


Back Squats at 5:30am

 I’m going to try getting to the gym at 5:30am Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. I’ve been trying to get into this routine for some time now, and last week it got screwed up cause I went at night one of the days. This week, I absolutely CAN’T go at night because I have too much to do to get ready for the holidays.

So my motivation is:

1.) Mornings are the most peaceful and quiet time of the day, it’s nice to enjoy the crisp air before the world is awake.

2.) I have free nights.

3.) I can drive the car.

4.) I get it done!

I have been feeling bad lately because I have only been able to make it 2 nights a week tops for the past month or so since daylight savings time kicked in and it seems really unsafe to ride my bike a night on the route that I would have to go.

Back Squat
1 Rep Every 45 Seconds for 7:30  (10 Sets)
Heavy. Not 1 Rep Max. But Heavy.

“Alabama Slammer”
For Time

Wall Balls
Row for Calories

Rx: Wall Ball 30/20
L2: 20/14
L1: 14/10

My back squats were 105lbs, and wall balls were 10lbs… I can’t seem to get those. I finished in 10:48




Every 50 Seconds for a total of 7:30 (10 Sets)

1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Squat Snatch @ 80% of your 1RM Snatch.

“Top Side”
In 7 Minutes
1000 M Row

With Remaining Time AMRAP
3 Snatches
10 Bar Jumps

Rx: Snatch 155/105
L3: 135/95
L2: 95/65
L1: 65/45


For the first set of snatches the weight was 55lbs and for the workout I did 50lbs. Finished in 3 rounds.


Clean and Jerks

Yesterdays workout was:

Push Press
3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3
Reps @ 85% of 3 RM.
60 Seconds rest between sets.

“Spider Bite”
3 Rounds for Time

20 Calorie Row
5 Power Clean and Jerks

Rest 1 Minute

Rx: Power Clean and Jerk 185/125
L3: 155/105
L2: 115/80
L1: 95/65

Post times to comments.
I did 65lbs for both of the weights. My time I think was around 11:30.


Wednesday’s workout

This was the workout:

EMOTM for 8 Minutes
1 Rep @ 90% of 1 RM

“Fully Baked”
EMOTM for 10 Minutes
7 Box Jumps
7 Kettlebell swings

Rx: Box Jump 24″/20″, Kettlebell Swings 70/53
L2: 24″/20″, 53/35
L1: 20″16″, 35/25

For the deadlift I did 125 lbs, a new record for me! And my slowest time for the workout was 32 seconds, while my fastest was 26 seconds, I actually got faster as the end got closer. Another record- I also used a 30lb kettlebell!



Clean and Jerk
EMOTM (Every Minute OThe Minute) for 7 Minutes

2 Cleans + 1 Jerk

Weights stay the same during the 7 minutes of work time.
Load is Heavy but not maximal, around 75% of 1RM.

“Silent Dragon”
5 Rounds for time

200 M Run
7 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters
Rest 1 Minute

Rx: 115/80
L2: 95/65
L1: 65/45

For the EMOTM my weight was 65lbs, which was an increase from last weeks 55lbs. For the workout, I switched down to 55lbs. I finished in 13:20 I think….

Happy Friday!

Thursday’s WOD was really great:

Gym-Nasty WarmUp
1 Wall Climb
2 Ring Dips
3 Jump Squats

For Time
30 Clean and Jerks

Rx: 135/95
L3: 115/80
L2: 95/65
L1: 65/45


I had difficulty with ring dips, they are pretty strenuous. For the clean and jerks my weight was 55lbs and I really tried to take the time to make sure I had good form. Not sure if it worked or not! I finished in 6:30 and was one of the last two to finish. It was kind of nice to have the cheering.

Yoga tomorrow!

5 days off….

Tuesday’s WOD was:

Back Squat
EMOTM (Every Minute OThe Minute) for 7 Minutes
2 Back Squats @ 90% of 3RM.

“Fossil Fuel”
12 Kettlebell Swings
9 Hand Release Push Ups
6 Kettlebell Goblet Squats

Rx: Kettlebell Swings 70/53, KB Goblet Squats 70/53
L2: 53/35, 53/35
L1: 35/25, Assisted HR Push Ups, 35/25


My previous 3RM was 110lbs (which I said could probably have been 115lbs) decreased this week to 105, which I could barely complete. I had a long weekend and went 5 days without working out and being very lazy. This workout kind of brought me down. For the KBS I used 30lbs.


Wednesdays WOD was:

Rope Climbs

For Time

800 M Run
5 Rounds
30 Double Unders
10 Burpees
800 M Run

Rx: As Is
L2: 15 Double Unders
L1: 5 Double Under Attempts

My time was 16:30 at level 2. I noticed I have been using the wrong jump rope all this time. Apparently if you hold the jump rope down with your feet it is supposed to come up near your armpits when you pull it, the one I have been using was way too long. I used a shorter one today and had a MUCH easier time with those damn DU’s.

Tough day

Yesterday’s WOD had me frustrated:

Clean and Jerk
3 x 1 @ 70%, 1 x 1 @ 75%, 1 x 1 @ 80%, 3 x 1 @ 85%, 2 x 1 @ 80%, 2 x 1 @ 75%

Percentages based off of 1 Rep Max.

“Unbroken #1″
3 Rounds for Reps

Unbroken Kettlebell Swings
-30 Second Rest-
Unbroken Double Unders
-30 Second Rest-
Unbroken Handstand Push Ups
-30 Second Rest-

Rx: Kettlebell Swings: 70/53
Level 2: 53/35, <2 AbMat HSPU
Level 1: 35/25, 30 Second Handstand Hold

For the clean and jerk, I tried to work more on my form because I apparently am not lifting with my legs, which is not something I was aware of. Ugh. I thought I was doing it correctly. Anyways, so instead of doing the first part with taking weights on and off, I practiced first with no weight, then I did 35lbs, then I increased to 55lbs, and then finally to 65lbs. I tried to mostly practice my form, so I didn’t even have time to do the actual reps.

For the “unbroken” I used 35lb kettlebells, and 2 abmats for the HSPU’s. For the DU’s I just counted how many I could do in 30 seconds, which was usually about 7. I finished with a total of 118 reps in 10 mins 26 seconds.



Yesterdays WOD was:

3 Position Deadlift
Use 60% of 1 RM

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Position 1: From Floor to Below Knee
Position 2: From Floor to Above Knee
Position 3: From Floor to Full Extension


Toes to Bar
Ring Push Ups

I did 115lb deadlifts- an extreme increase from last time, which I think was 95 or something… That made me happy. For the workout I did an attempt at toes to bar, but it was more knees to elbows for me. And the rings were all taken so I did regular push-ups until I got halfway through the 1st “12” and then I switched to assisted. I had a hard time with those. Push ups are something I always felt I was good at, but once I really started trying to perfect my form, I realized I wasn’t able to do many at all… Ha! And I had my first protein shake, it was delicious and tasted like chocolate milk, which is essentially what it was.